Proven Science – Animal Research

  • Intense academic interest – Because the technology works
  • 20 Published papers in 2012-2013. 500% Increase over the prior 8 years (Lin C-S et al. Advances in Andrology 2014)
  • All 35 studies reported improved erectile function
  • Many reported improved muscle, endothelium and nerve tissue

Proof of Principle
(Song YS et al. International Journal of Impotence Research 2007;19:378)

  •  Stem cells in an animal model of ED
  •  Proves stem cells translate into smooth muscle tissue

Time-Phase Penis Cell Extractions
Time-Phase Penis Cell Extractions
Green – Transplanted stem cells in penis
Red – Stem cells expressing markers of smooth muscle cells
Yellow – Stem cells taking the morphology of smooth muscle cells in the penis

First-In-Human Proof of Concept

  • Case study published in peer-reviewed journal (Ichim TE et al. Journal of Translational Medicine 2013 Jun 9:11:139)
  • 35 year-old patient with ED
  • Non-responsive to PDE5 inhibitors and injections ineffective
  • Patient received Caverstem procedure
  • 3 Months Later:
    • Marked increase in duration and frequency of erections
    • Ability to sustain erections until orgasm
    • No treatment-associated adverse events