WELCOME! Creative Medical Technology Holdings, Inc. (CMTH) is a clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on treating erectile dysfunction and stroke using stem cell treatments. Since 2011 Creative Medical Technology Holdings, Inc. (CMTH) and our affiliate company Creative Medical Health, Inc. have focused on regenerative medical solutions for unmet Urological and Neurological needs. Through our own research and collaborations with leading academic institutions, CMT has acquired a groundbreaking stem cell (Amniostem), developed proprietary protocols, built an extensive intellectual property portfolio, developed complete treatment offerings for erectile dysfunction, launched a 40-patient trial for ED at UCLA and are breaking new ground for treating stroke using our newly acquired amniotic fluid-based stem cell. Our team consists of leading international researchers in regenerative medicine. Our “science-first” approach to treatments ensures that all of our treatments are proven to be both safe and effective.


  • Fast to Market
  • Clinical Trials for Safety and Efficacy
  • Patent Portfolio Covering All Treatments
  • Key Relationships with Leading Research Institutions